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Break down health data barriers

Unleash the full value of the health data ecosystem

NimblemindAI has the tools to organize, manage, and commercialize care provider's clinical datasets.

The average hospital generates over 50 PB of data per year. Most of this data is unstructured, unlabeled, and not within a common data model. Nimblemind ingests and organizes data from multiple data sources within the care organization. Administrators can share data sets securely while maintaining compliance, track data usage over time, and generate non-clinical revenue from sharing access with external collaborators.

Use clinical health data to drive innovation, outcomes, efficiency and value capture.

The vast majority of health data is unstructured and siloed. Nimblemind enables the provider to create structure from unstructured datasets, and to share data across collaborators while maintaining security and compliance.

Security and Compliance

Build and deploy fine grained access controls to determine how datasets are consumed by users. Revoke access at any time, all within a HIPAA compliant environment.

Dataset Searchability

Find, purchase, and consume datasets that are relevant and useful to your organizations goals. Explore datasets before committing to purchase.

Enterprise Ready

Secure and compliant access to de-identified and anonymized clinical health data. Manage collaborations with partnering institutions with custom pricing models.

Our Mission

We aim to create a comprehensive and integrated repository of all clinical and research data sources within a healthcare organization to facilitate research, clinical operations, and generate revenue. We enable organizations to build, leverage, and collaborate with AI systems at scale.

Discover how Nimblemind can help

Nimblemind enables you to fully leverage your clinical data to drive better patient outcomes, enable ground breaking research, and optimize operations.

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